Press/Published Content

link The Daily Trojan featured my team’s app/start-up StealthFly. Read more about why accessible games are important and the work that went into making StealthFly.
link Mozilla’s Firefox O.S. Q.A. team did a write-up about me for being a community contributor, as well as some fun facts about myself.
link Article about Mozilla's FlyWeb project featuring a video of our demo

Publications and More
link [B. 1] Fan, D., Glazko, K., Follmer. (2022). Accessibility of Linked Node Diagrams on Collaborative Whiteboards for Screen Reader Users: Challenges and Opportunities. Design Thinking Research (pp. 97-108).
link [P. 1] Shamma, D. A., Lee, M. L., Filipowicz, A. L., Denoue, L., Glazko, K., Murakami, K., Lyons, K. (2022, March). EV Life: A Counterfactual Dashboard Towards Reducing Carbon Emissions of Automotive Behaviors. In 27th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (pp. 46-49).
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[W. 3] Glazko, K., Zheng, R. (2022, April). Designing for Assistive Self-Visualization.ACM CHI 2022 Workshop on AI-Generated Characters: Putting Deepfakes to Good Use.
link [W. 2] Kawakami, A., L. Guerdan, Y. Cheng, A. Sun, A. Hu, K. Glazko, N. Arechiga, M. Lee, S. Carter, H. Zhu, K. Holstein.(2022, April). Towards a Learner-Centered Explainable AI. ACM CHI 2022 Workshop on Human-Centered Explainable AI (HCXAI).
link [W. 1] Arechiga, N., F. Chen, R. Iliev, E. Sumner, S. Carter, A. Filipowicz, N. Bravo, M. Van, K. Glazko, K. Murakami, L. Denoue, C. Hogan, K. Sieck, C. Wu, K. Lyons.Understanding and ShiftingPreferences for Battery Electric Vehicles. AAAI 2022 Workshop on AI for Behavior Change (AI4BC), 2022.
link Read my viral Apple Watch Research study for the USC Marshall School of Business and learn about my marketing research methodology. This study was selected as an Expert Pick by the Portfolium team and received more than 7,000 views.
link What should communication look like in the world of IoT? Back in 2016, I did some independent research to find out.
link A research paper examining diversity in video games.
ondemand_video 2015 Mozilla Release Management intern video presentation. Introduction to release management.
ondemand_video 2014 Mozilla Mobile Q.A. intern video presentation. Overview on testing the Find My Device feature on Firefox O.S.